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SJCC needs to hop aboard the technology bandwagon

Some people tend to avoid technology and progress, but that is impossible nowadays, especially for a school in the heart of Silicon Valley.

The Internet is the future of communication whether everyone is ready for it or not. It has already drastically transformed the landscape of human interaction and continues to do so with the introduction of new technology.

It is time for San Jose City College to ramp up its digital presence.

The school updated its website and there is a Distance Education Committee, but only one individual with a multitude of other responsibilities is handling the website update while the committee has not met in several months.

Technology can offer countless benefits for the school and students, but only if all constituencies get plugged in.

Expanding access to education

Not everyone has the time to come to campus and take classes, especially if an individual has other responsibilities in his or her life. Online classes provide people who would not otherwise have the opportunity, a chance to get an education on their own time. Join the Distance Education Committee or pester those already involved to call a meeting this semester.

Some may argue this is an inauthentic way of gaining an education, but there are several tools instructors could utilize to make the online learning experience just as effective, if not more effective, than the traditional classroom experience. Videos, interactive graphics, chatrooms and forums are a few ways to make distance education more dynamic and interactive.

Sharing information with large groups of people

Fliers and announcements on campus will only reach a few people. Twitter, Facebook and blogging are very accessible and easy-to-use tools to keep everyone informed about what is going on.

These tools are invaluable in providing rapid communication to large groups of people about non-pressing issues and act as archives for past information. Whether you are an on-campus project, club or just a social butterfly, this is a great way to let the Internet-savvy know you are around and active.

More effective coordination and collaboration

E-mail is a great way for individuals to coordinate amongst themselves, but there are a lot of other tools available, such as and Google Drive, to collaborate more effectively and efficiently. If you have a project, whether it is for a class or the entire campus, there are tools that will make it easier for you to focus and stay on top of the tasks at hand.

Keeping the lines of communication open

Many people are busy and it can be difficult to schedule a face-to-face meeting, but technology allows people to stay in touch no matter what time of day. The most important aspect of technology is keeping in touch with one another, especially at a campus where several different constituencies operate individually and in unison to ensure the needs of the school are being met.

You can start today by getting on Twitter, Facebook or a number of other social media sites. Connect with other campus organizations and individuals. If you are not that advanced yet, take a computer class and get in the know.

If the school can learn how to take better advantage of this wonderful toolbox, the possibilities for improvement are endless.