La Raza commencement ceremony celebrates new graduates

Spanish Jaguars move forward to UCs and CSUs

Jennifer Garcia, a SJCC kinesiology major student receives her degree on May 13 at the commencement.

The La Raza commencement, marking two or more years of hard work of Spanish San Jose City College students, was held on campus on May 13 from 5 p.m. to 7p.m..

“We just did our commencement. Basically, we’re just a small graduation for those that worked in La Raza. It was just to say thanks to our family for supporting us in this journey. From what I heard, they said 80 plus students graduated today,” said SJCC student Jennifer Garcia, a kinesiology major.

Garcia said that she enjoyed the time she attended SJCC.

“It was fun. I learned a lot about myself, and it helped me with everything honestly,” Garcia said.

Garcia had been in school for a while.

“It did take me about five years just to do all this,” Garcia said.

Garcia was just accepted to San Francisco State University and is transferring there this coming fall semester.

She said she will continue with her current major, kinesiology.

“It’s more in concentration and exercises and movement. I’m trying to do occupational therapy; hopefully it works out,” Garcia said.

She thought that SJCC really gave a lot of hope towards people that had not been in school in a while.

“I think SJCC is great,” Garcia said. “ And it gives them a sense of excitement and just to further their career.”