How is this semester going so far?


Vy Nguyen

Faces in the crowd.

Name: Jennyfer Torres

Age: 22

Major: Early childhood development

“ I think this semester went well, the ending’s always the best. I like the way we come back to some in person and some online. And then I’ll be coming back again for the fall, I’ll be finishing the early childhood development enrollment, I’ll be graduating hopefully next year.”



Name: Javier Diaz
Age: 18
Major: Architecture & Historian

“ This semester in San Jose City College, for me it’s going very well.”



Name: Leslie Oastaneda
Age: 23
Major: AJ ( Administrator of Justice)

“ I like this semester. It’s going well. I think the school needs more clubs like ALMASS and METAS.”



Name: Belen Orozo Solos
Age: 20
Major: political science

“ It was good. I like this semester a lot because I get to join ALMASS. ”



Name: Ezadin Raboye
Age: 23
Major: Programming

“ It’s been good so far, everything. It’s been good to be in person and have connections with people. It’s a good outcome for me.”



Name: Nathalie Valencia
Age: 20
Major: Sociology

“ I like it. I’m taking all in person classes so it’s better than online classes for me.”



Name: Jessica Ayala
Age: 21
Major: Dental Hyg

“ I prefer this semester over other semesters because this semester I was able to be in person and do my labs and see things under the microscope compared to last year, where I had to look at pictures and it’s not the same creating your own microorganisms and watching them. So I do prefer this semester way better. I see my grades are improving and I get to see my teachers more. It’s just better to be around people.”



Name: Noah Cervantes
Age: 19
Major: English

“ This semester for me has been pretty good. It is my first semester here at San Jose City College. And so far it’s been really easy and I probably past some difficulties and I managed to get through it so it’s been pretty good.”



Name: Christian Friedlund
Age: 19
Major: Art

“ It’s really good. A little stressful but the work looks really good. I haven’t had too much trouble doing my work and trouble is because of my own laziness but regardless, I not only had a lot of fun but I met a lot of really cool people. This college is really good, it has a good curriculum, everyone in my class is very organized and my teachers are very professional. So this semester is very successful for me I would say. ”



Name: James Buteera
Age: 25
Major: Business

“ It’s awesome. I like it. It’s been positive.”