How can SJCC make campus more sanitary for the reopening?

Faculty and students brainstorm suggestions for a safer environment


“With all the research available about COVID, we know the importance of having fresh, circulating air to keep spaces sanitary and people safe.”Cindy Huynh, ethnic studies professor

“People should be required to wipe down the desk before and after a class.”
Kaylani Diaz, 20, communications major

“They can provide students with the necessary sanitizing products such as disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer stations all around the campus and ensuring that bathrooms are clean.”Illanah Phong, 21, business major

“Bathrooms should be cleaned every hour.”Vivian Phan, 19, business major

“I suppose SJCC could add a lot of hand sanitizer stations around common areas on campus.”Richard Reichardt, 18, biology major