How do you feel about the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine?


Name: Pia Cruz
Age: 24
Major: Psychology

“It’s so sad. We’re in the 21st century. We should be passed this as a world, but we’re not. It’s really sad to me. There are a lot of escalations happening with Putin and antagonizing a lot of the world, and it’s causing a ripple effect. It’s hurting so many people. So many of these private citizens are sending off so many soldiers who don’t really want to be there, but they have to force the fight. It’s just not right. I hope maybe we can have some sort of talk or sanctions or something to make some sort of peace out of this.”






Name: Andres
Major: Environmental science major

“Well I think the war is very unnecessary. I do feel like this causes great prices. There is a lot of waste of life being lost, a lot of people are suffering over the demands of world leaders, being unhappy with their terms and conditions of how they want the world to be. Russia claims that Ukraine is a part of their country and they’ve always wanted it back ever since the fall of the Soviet Union. However, Ukraine has always been an independent country and saw themselves as that they don’t need to be governed by another country, a communist one at that. And, they have also made the decision to not join with NATO because they want to be an independent country, however, they do feel like having ties with NATO would be a good thing as well because the whole point of NATO being in Europe was so that they could stop the rise of Communism from ever happening again, like the Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. So since Russia is afraid of that, that’s why they’re just forcefully trying to take back Ukraine and the only thing is it’s just coming at too great a price, and the war is completely unnecessary and it’s just hurting a lot of people, and the way I see it is that if the war isn’t settled, it’s just going to create another world war between every country and even more lives are going to be lost and economies are gonna fall. It’s all completely unnecessary.”