Stop by KJ Cafe today

Grab a muffin or a coffee on your way to class


Photo by Madison Wilber / Times Staff

A KJ Cafe worker is cleaning a machine after making a drink for a student. KJ Cafe is located in the theatre building. Students, faculty and staff can all stop by for a snack, a drink or to lounge.

Looking to grab a cup of coffee or even a snack? KJ Cafe is available on campus in the theatre building lobby.

Instead of walking across campus to the cafeteria, KJ Cafe is located in the middle of the campus for easy access to any student.

“It’s literally like the only thing on campus and the other ones are too far .. it’s really convenient,” said Janet Lopez, 22, cosmetology major.

This cafe contains a variety of drinks, snacks and food. KJ also has sandwiches and chips to make lunch accessible.

“The hot chocolate is pretty good,” said Rosalie Martin, 18, cosmetology major. She said she would recommend it to new students.

“For someone who needs a quick bite and is not familiar with the area, and doesn’t know that we have the other Wendy’s and stuff, I would say go there for a quick bite,” said Isisah Arcilla, 22, animation screenwriting major.

COVID-19 restrictions still apply when shopping at this school’s local cafe.