Clubs are coming back to SJCC

Students are encouraged to start their own club


Courtesy of Unsplash

In this photo a woman is wearing a shirt that says “Mental Health Matters.” San Jose City College offers a Mental Health Clients Association for students to join to talk and advocate about mental health.

This year, like any other year, clubs are coming back to San Jose City College, but what might change is how you meet up with your club.

Some might be online through Zoom, Facebook live chat, Google Hangouts, etc., just like the Early Childhood Education Club is doing; they meet through Facebook live chat every Friday at 8 a.m.

Regarding the changes the clubs are making since adapting to a new normal on campus, the Vice President of Student Affairs William Garcia said, “Students have gravitated to online meetings and have been working with the Office of Student Development and Activities.

Some of the clubs that are offered at SJCC are Communications Club, Cosmetology Club, Early Childhood Education Club, Language Arts Club, Media Club, Mental Health Clients Association, MEChA, Nihon-Kai Japanese Club, Peer Tutor Organization, SJCC Robotics and Automation Club, Soccer Club, SACNAS, Sociology Club, Student Resources Empowerment Network and United World Student Association.

All of the clubs on campus are either run by different people on campus from different walks of life. And if your fellow student has an idea for a club or group, SJCC encourages you to reach out for help to get it started.

Garcia said that he encourages and advocates for Student-run activities.

“I want to support any club that students want to establish,” he said. “It should be student-led,not administrator-led. If students want clubs,extracurricular activities and in-person teaching,their voices should be heard.”

SJCC offers two resources to start a club or group. The first is to check out the to get a sense of the rules, requirements and resources.

The second resource that is offered is to contact Blake Balajadia, director of Student Activities
and Development, to get your idea up and running.