Top 10 elective courses you should consider taking next semester

Make the best of your online learning


Graphic courtesy of Canva

If you are somehow doubting that taking classes online could be beneficial, think again.

San Jose City College is offering courses during the spring 2021 semester that could benefit your academic, professional and personal development.

Regardless of your major, you could earn transferable units to California State Universities and gain useful skills to succeed in the 21st century.

Here is a list of the top 10 elective courses in alphabetical order:

BROAD-042A Beginning Radio Production (3 credits)
During this pandemic, we learned one important lesson: Technology is here to stay. Today, more than ever, when companies rely more and more on digital communications, being skillful in broadcasting could be a big plus.

BUS-068 Entrepreneur Small Business Management (3 credits)
Many people who were laid off during the pandemic had to improvise and become their own boss. If you are considering this idea, joining this class could be helpful. You could learn how to develop a business plan, learn about cash flow, budget, marketing and promotional strategies.

COMS-010 Interpersonal Communication (3 credits) and COMS-035 Intercultural Communication (3 Credits)
Good interpersonal and intercultural communications skills are pivotal for anyone’s success. Consider taking these two courses to improve your communication style in personal and professional contexts.

ETH-027 Intro to Race & Ethnicity (3 credits)
Amid all the racial and social turmoil affecting the nation, it is our duty to find ways to bring the country together. We should make an effort to learn more about the phenomena of race and ethnicity in the United States’ history to better appreciate our differences.

GLOBAL-003 Introduction to Sustainability (3 credits)
Sustainability is more important than ever. Understanding the various roles that government, businesses and individuals might play is vital to our survival and the preservation of resources for future generations.

GUIDE-130 College and Life Success (3 credits)
No matter what stage of life we are in, there will always be a need for some guidance.
In this course, you will acquire skills and resources that will help you become successful college students and help you throughout your life.

HED-011 Dynamic Health Concepts (3 credits)
Learning to make excellent health and wellness choices is a skill that’s relevant any day, any time. You will learn about current issues in public health and wellness highlighting lifelong healthy choices.

JOURN-032A Media Production 1 (3 credits)
Excellent writing skills are critical, no matter what major you are in. You will produce the campus student publication in various formats of online, print and social media. You will learn about time management, conducting interviews, spotting fake news, designing pages and advertising in this course.

Microsoft PowerPoint Level 1 (1 credit)
Learning about PowerPoint might be considered irrelevant today, but nothing is further from the truth. Even if it is in an online setting, any presentation should be compelling to help you maintain your audience’s attention.

Online learning can be challenging, but you can make the best of it by choosing courses that will fit your personal and academic plans.