SJCC students’ thoughts on quarantine and keeping busy while sheltering-at-home


Steve Hill, Times Staff

Locals keep busy during the lockdown on Westcliff Drive in Santa Cruz, California, on April 15.

As many people began to protest the quarantine policy in some areas of the U.S., the City College Times interviewed three current students from SJCC about their thoughts on being in quarantine.

“I think that the quarantine is necessary, and I don’t mind it too much. It is the best way to slow the spread of the virus,” said SJCC student Michelle Tae, 26. “The most difficult thing is not being able to go out to do things with friends. The best alternative is talking to them online.”

Tae mentioned that she works and does homework every day, and also exercises at home. She goes grocery shopping once a week. Tae said she wears a mask every time she leaves home to go shopping.

“I do support (shelter-in-place) because I think it reduces the spread of the virus,” said Khanh Nhat Nguyen, 21, studio art major. “I have to reduce going out as much as possible, like once every two weeks. The solution probably would be staying at home, finding something fun to do.”

Nguyen exercises for about 40 minutes at home, jogging and doing squats every day. When not in class, she does homework, plays games, watches movies, takes naps or cooks. Similar to Tae, Nguyen wears a mask every time she goes out for groceries and small errands such as taking mail to USPS.

“I think it reduces exposure to viruses and reduces the transmission,” said Kate Shen, 50, international student at SJCC. “Sometimes I would clean the rooms and organize the backyard, I like doing that.”

Shen is optimistic and expressed that she believes everything will be OK after quarantine. Shen lives with her boyfriend and her boyfriend’s little brother. She said she exercises by walking around her neighborhood every day.

Since the shelter-in-place order has forced students to pass most of their time at home, they are still trying to adjust.