Expect delays when parking on campus

Allen Degu

[media-credit id=21 align=”alignnone” width=”400″]Expect delays when parking on campus[/media-credit]A delay in the street parking has affected students due to construction. The City of San Jose has began Phase 1 of Traffic Synchronization Project.

The cause has become a great inconvenience to students attending San Jose City College.

The project known as Fiber Ring Conduit, is projected to end in August. The city will be installing 31,000 linear feet of 3-inch conduit.

Communication cable and pull boxes will also be installed during the next two academic semester according to the district office police department website.

Moorpark Avenue through Leigh Avenue is one of the area’s that has affected SJCC, and is one of three area affected by the construction. The two other areas that are going to be affected by construction are: Winchester Boulevard between Tisch Way and Moorpark Ave, and Fruitdale Avenue through Meridian Avenue. Due to the traffic, be advised to leave early when arriving to campus, also plan for possible alternative route to campus.

The hours in which construction will be affecting SJCC is between 8:30 a.m. and, 4:15 p.m., Monday through Friday. Construction is not going to be on a consistent basis, during non-construction days traffic will be less congested near SJCC.

Pedestrians and motorists be alert when in the area of construction, advisory signs are posted in the area.

If there is any n n For questions contact, Adolfo Alvarez at (408) 535-8456 or visit the District Police office.