Multi-dimensional artist

Larry Harris

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[media-credit name=”Gluck” align=”alignnone” width=”223″]Gluck[/media-credit]This reporter had an opportunity to sit in on a live radio interview on the KJCC Rockin Robin show with a young art student, Alex Gluck. The following is a character sketch of this “artsy” young lady

It turns out that the radio station was an ideal venue for this interview; Alex is really into music.

“I play the piano but nothing serious, but it is how music influences my art, music is really important to me, I can’t do art without music,” she said.

 Alex is into all kinds of art.

“I do a little a bit of everything. Some of my influences are definitely cartoon and comics. I also do portraits of people, but I do a kind of Andy Warhol (style). I do kind of everything, I do animals, I like cats, and I like to paint them. As far as two dimensional art; I do water color, acrylic, pen and ink, sharpie pens, plain pencil. I use Photoshop, Corel painter, anything you can imagine. I took 2D design, color theory, and photography last semester. This semester I am focusing on GE classes but I am taking Photoshop with McGowan, he’s awesome, he’s my favorite teacher.”

“It’s (art) like my life,” she said. Gluck does different mediums, and activities that also include fashion design and sewing.

“I do a lot of fashion design and sewing. I was in a fashion design class three years in a row and was in my town’s (Morgan Hill) newspaper for my fashion line,” Gluck said. “I have been sewing since I was seven years old. I am also really into photography, that’s more of a recent thing.”

With a life time of art related work Alex hopes to take her art into a self sustaining career.

 “I kind of want to be known for my art that would be kind of cool,” she said about her future in the art world. “I would like to be able for people to commission me for my art, I know that is hard to get to but that would be cool.”  

As a reporter and fellow student, I am grateful that I have had an opportunity to get to know you a little better. Any closing thoughts you would like to put on the table?

Alex replied, “If people want to check out my art, I have a website.”

And if we would want to commission you for a piece we could contact you?
“Oh yes!”, she replied.

As I left this interview I was encouraged; all is not lost in our culture. Here was a young student in whose eyes I saw passion, creativity, enthusiasm. I saw all the things that it would take to make one successful, but even more important saw that deep youthful glow of optimism.

Good luck to you Alex and if a reader wants to check out Alex’s art go to her website and meet her first hand through her art;