Students should not feel the burden of higher fees

Editorial Board

The Board of Trustees’ budget study session report presents increases that are needed to preserve the district’s stability for the future.

The district is also proposing to raise the student fees from $26 to $36.

With the issues of probation and layoffs affecting San Jose City College students, the students should not have to take the burden of having higher student fees.

The district budget will cause nearly 35 layoffs effectively in June, according to Chancellor Rita Cepeda. Many students already have difficulties getting into classes with the staff we have. Also, with the reduction of staff, many students have already seen the effects of cutbacks, including long lines in the counseling department and overcrowded classrooms.

With four vacant positions and four interim positions, SJCC’s lack of administration has affected the performance of SJCC. While the student fees increase, students are more likely to leave for a different college and they may not come back.

The district must provide students with adequate resources to allow them to succeed in the classroom environment. These cuts just won’t cut it.