Numb to an impeachment

Will it have an effect? Learning to care about the impeachment

Andrea Meza Flores, Times Staff

With all the insanity that has happened throughout his term and candidacy, it’s hard to care about the inevitable impeachment that is going to take place.

According to The Guardian, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi officially began the impeachment process of President Trump for the possible involvement in Ukraine’s investigation of Hunter Biden on Sept. 24.

Although Trump has long since gotten a lower approval rating, 38% according to USA Today, there’s been mixed feelings about this entire impeachment process. Should we care about this? It’s hard to say because it’s not unusual for people to be numb to the news about the president, he says a lot of controversial things for one. It feels too little too late, especially considering what has been done throughout the president’s term.

With all these feelings and questions on the line, there needs to be a better understanding of what impeachment is and what it will mean for the future.

Impeachment does not guarantee removal from office, however. There have been two presidents that were impeached, Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton, but neither was removed.

Impeachment is a multi-step process to remove the president from office. This requires an investigation and hearings to take place in the House of Representatives where they have to vote to impeach, once the majority of votes say that the president has committed impeachable offenses. This process then moves to the Senate where a trial is held. If a 2/3 majority votes for conviction, then the president is removed from office. This entire process can only begin if it was determined that there was an act of treason, bribery or high crimes and misdemeanors committed.

In the Trump impeachment case, text messages from the U.S. envoys in Ukraine were sent to the diplomats of Ukraine. According to the Reuters news organization, in a transcript on July 25, Trump wanted Zelensky to do him a favor in investigating Hunter Biden and his role as board member of a Ukrainian plant.

According to Reuters, “Sondland, a hotelier and Trump donor, testified to congressional investigators that Trump largely delegated Ukraine policy to Giuliani…Trump told him and other officials at the White House meeting to coordinate with Giuliani, who at the time was seeking to dig up dirt on Biden.”

Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s lawyer, suggested the president to take this action. Gordon Sounland is an American ambassador for the European Union.

Exploitation of his presidential powers to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden through his son is one such crime that could lead to impeachment. During that exchange Trump requested a favor from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky while withholding military aid. He has overstepped his bounds as president. Due to the whistleblower’s statement and evidence provided through text messages and transcript of their exchange, the inquiry will begin.

The case is particularly damaging for Trump due to the evidence against him. Mick Mulvaney, the White House Chief of Staff, acknowledged Ukraine’s connection to Trump on Oct. 17, only to later deny said claims. There has been debate about there being quid pro quo, since there’s been statements that none occurred and others saying that it doesn’t matter that they did. This investigation has become public as of Nov. 13.

Beginning with the first hearing, Democrats called in Ambassador to Ukraine Bill Taylor and Senior State Department official George Kent. Further questioning will continue in the following days.

This brings the possible consequences if impeachment were to occur. Being that this is a long and complex process, there’s a number of possibilities on how this will go and whether he does or does not get pulled out of office. This entire process however will expose the people being investigated and more of Trump’s conduct. Even his Republican supporters will have to draw a line as to whether or not to allow President Trump to get away without facing consequences.

With Trump nearing the end of his term, this process may appear to be a little too late in its timing because he’s almost out. However, if he is removed, he wouldn’t be able to run for a second term. Even then, there’s still a high chance that he may not get impeached which could make some feel more apathetic and numb to what Trump does.

There are also those who still support Trump. Despite their diminishing numbers, this could boost his popularity among those who support him. When the Muller Report was released, where there was the expectation that it could lead to an impeachment inquiry but it didn’t, and there were celebrations among Trump supporters.

Action must take place. If nothing happens, a dangerous message in being sent to the current and any future presidents. If this impeachment isn’t successful,it shows that presidents can do anything without the fear of repercussions or consequences.