Academic Senate Meeting Nov.5

Meeting location SC-204

Mohammed Jackson, Contributor

  • The meeting seemed to already have started before 2:10 and when I started taking notes discussion about the data findings for the viability for Journalism was over. AB 705 related to Credit for ESL was discussed quickly.
  • ESL students take credit to achieve various personal, educational and professional goals. AB705 pertains to degree/transfer seeking English language learners in a credit ESL Program.
  • English as a second language is not basic skills remedial instruction, it is foreign language accreditation. Colleges are advised to integrate credit ESL curricular options to maximize the probability that students will be able to complete transfer level composition within 3 years or less. The school can access through fall 2020 and room to improve is not enough data collection as of now.


  • Chancellor’s office no longer provides guidance but guidance is forthcoming
  • Comment by Senate that maximizing probability is needed
  • Counseling wants a say in regard to ESL changes
  • Placement exams and recommendations are in place in order for a student to place out of a class with ESL. Questionnaire is given before test and changes can be made after a one on one meeting pertaining to a student skipping an ESL course and moving into a higher level.
  • How often do you speak english at home, schooling and jobs in other countries is information the ESL department needs from the student
  • ESL motion passed
  • Institutional Effectiveness Committee/ Professional Development Committee extends past crepitation year and Senate seem to agree they want this to be monitored which ends 2024
  • Questions by other Senators: What period of time will KPI be done? 5years ? 10 ?

Answer: annual basis over 3 years/ evaluated every year


Information Item 2 discussed before Item 1 because Dr. Chaidez had to go to Evergreen

Dr. Chaidez said the change in job description will help student learning while also promoting equity and diversity. She goes on to say Deans are important and vital so she welcomes any feedback.

  • All comments around this topic were of concern and visible concern, no comment from the Senate seemed to be a positive comment about the statement Dr. Chaidez said about the modification to the job search for Dean.
  • Senate comment:Where are division dean positions posted? Chaidez’s answer was not very specific but she said there were multiple websites
  • Kath Haven commented saying were constituents were concerned
  • Senate comment: Do not change all descriptions
  • Guillermo Castilla asked how does change enhance students and meet their goals? how do students benefit ?
  • Judith Bell commented saying this needs to be looked at, division by division
  • Comment that both Colleges and Senates need to agree on this topic
  • Comment that search needs to be opened up, wording limits the pool of candidates
  • Public comment: equity needed, larger net needed
  • Guillermo Castilla comments saying they need an educator not an office manager
  • The mass comments and unhappy faculty showed this news was not positive in their eyes.


Information Item 1 Dr. Pratt

  • She says they need to be more responsible and effective with the money and there is a new approach to spending plus where to put the funds, Adjustment 10 percent downward, 85 percent effective schedule
  • Summer 2019 crosses two financial years Jun-Aug 18-19 35 percent spent and 35 percent spent so far this year. Jorge Escobar chimes in and says summer and intersession is paid on overload which is why they are running deficits every year (spending money they don’t have) and why there is a need for resource allocation.
  • Pratt wants to add more sections if that is effective money wise and good for students
  • Many comments about how they have been spending money over the years and how they have been trying to cut costs but spending still goes up
  • Senate Comment that they do not want say downsize but downsizing overhead or reducing overhead is needed
  • Comment that there are choices between people and programs


Vice Chancellor Jorge Escobar puts up a powerpoint about Information Item 3

  • Mr. Escobar says resource allocation is a scary and sensitive topic but they need to connect money to outcomes which is how college works
  • 127 million goes to the district which is up from around 91-95mil when he first started working for the district however the expenses are the same so they are not seeing many gains
  • Having chancellor as non voting member was mentioned and how to hold each other accountable, ongoing expense management
  • Senate comment: More faculty not admin, student representation with a possible payment as an incentive to participate.
  • Jorge Escobar: many other California colleges are close to bankruptcy


Information Item 4: Proposal for Digital Media Arts Program- Jonali Bhattacharyya

  • transferable, digital art learning
  • 3D modeling, gaming, VR
  • Cross listing with music and tech, wants to be part of the Art program with autonomy
  • This item was passed with full support


Information Item 6: Academic Policies Board Procedures (AP/BP) 3440 and 5141- Dr. Rutland

  • She proposed to have emotional support animals on campus for students and teachers
  • Heather Jellison asked said she did not quite understand and wanted to clarify if this proposal for teachers as well which was answered with a Yes
  • No certification needed for students and teachers
  • Library wing asked about the animals in the library which Rutland said they will need to think about that further
  • Both Motions passed


Information Item 7: The logo for low cost and no cost textbooks to be placed on schedule- Lorraine Levy

  • Students told during on boarding process
  • Not changing budget template this year
  • Deadlines not flexible but Judith Bell mentioned that they are flexible because she is being realistic and other Senators rebuked her statement
  • Tenured staff don’t need to worry about the template


  • Nov 12, 13, 14 candidates for President are on campus in T-415
  • Institutional SLO campus wide input
  • Judith Bell: guided pathways retreat


Senate Report

  • Michele: Cross discipline art exhibition
  • Bob Library wing: DE committee reviewed preliminary draft of an update to the DE handbook. Members will be reviewing and making edits over the next week. Request for handbook to be put on the agenda for 11/19 Senate meeting.
  • Pickleball game for faculty and first aid class courses coming