Revised and remodeled

Campus improvements geared toward students’ needs and comfort


Daijunay Turner, Times Staff

San Jose City College began its’ remodel to the infrastructure of the school’s library interior, landscape, parking lot, Student Center and the demolitions to old buildings this past summer.

Remodels brought to campus are “focused on the needs of students,” said President Roland Montemayor.

The Cesar E. Chavez library received the most attention within the first two weeks of school by students.

The remodels to library has new carpet, paint, furniture, and equipment.

“Remodels to the library were not part of the big project but were meant to bring more of a students center environment,” Montemayor said.

Photo by Daijunay Turner. Students Afendi Kazali and Shams Mohmmed sitting in the new remodel.

The remodel to the library done by One Workplace is the first remodel the library has ever received. The posted date for when it is going to be done is still pending according to Librarian  Dean, Susan Hines.

“A project like this has layers especially since there are so many other projects on campus,” said Hines.

Diana Reyna, who is in her third year on campus said ,“I notice myself wanting to stay on campus to study instead of going out to another library or the resource center because it is more comfortable here.”

With Reyna stating that it is showing that the remodel to campus is not only good for the campus physical appearance; but is also bringing character by allowing students to feel welcomed and to stay on campus to do work. The setup is being geared towards the students needs and comfort.

Reyna explained that within the first day of doing homework, she was able to gain a new study buddy since the setting is geared for students to have company.

“I definitely feel welcomed by the campus physical appearance and that I will do most of my work on campus.” Freshman Shams Mohammed said.

Photo by Daijunay Turner. Marina landscaper putting in the eco friendly landscaping

The bond used to remodel was passed by the community this past midterm election to improve the campus.

Along with the Cesar E. Chavez library remodel, the other projects are in the career education building, multicultural center building and improvements to landscaping.

The other improvements also included fresh paint to the parking spaces and buildings on campus. along with demolishment of buildings that are no longer usable and new landscaping to create an eco friendly environment and new Jaguar Market.

“The layout of the campus along with its foundation is helping the students succeed,” said Montemayor.