Unveil the undiscovered masterpieces

Works of Art 76.

Melissa Maria Martinez, Times Staff

Art 76 students hosted “Undiscovered,” their art gallery debut, Dec. 9 at the San Jose City College Art Gallery.

The art exhibit showcased the works of 10 different artists; from colorful abstract paintings to portrait sized photography pieces. A great rainbow ribbon spiral, floated seamlessly in the middle of the gallery.

“The spiral rainbow is a representation of a breakthrough moment,” Furtado said, “when everything changes.”

Throughout the room artists’ work occupied a space in the gallery.

“In passing, it did not look as in-depth as it did when I actually took the time to walk-in, it caught me.” Evolution and Ecology major Cristela Ramirez said in reference to the large portrait photograph of a woman named Rosealie by Christian Bravo.

The extraordinary piece had a captivating effect on exhibit attendees throughout the evening.

“I actually came back tonight to look at this instillation,” Ramirez said. “It’s really breathtaking.”