Student textbook resource guide

Buying and selling course required materials.

Maggie Zou, Times Staff

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As students begin the new semester it’s wise to consider effective options in acquiring course related materials.

The bookstore is always the most convenient way to purchase books and San Jose City College provides both new and used books, however these used books are more expensive than other sources.

Professors may require you to purchase a specific workbook they have authored themselves such as chemistry; for example, which can only be purchased in our school store.

Check the billboards on the walls around campus. Sometimes other students post advertisements to purchase their used books.

Normally students can find all the books on Amazon but new books can also be really expensive to purchase.

Note that Amazon offers student discounts if you use a student email. At this point, students can always choose to buy a used book at a much lower price. Books that are in good condition may only cost about $20.

Ask your professor whether they know of previous students who want to sell the textbook.

Outside Brandon Yanari’s office there is a yellow clipboard with a list of books for sale. Name and contact information of the seller are also listed. His office is located on the second floor of the Student Center next to the transfer center lobby.

When it comes to purchasing books many students have different methods so it never hurts to ask the student next to you in class, either.