Learning big lessons working in small groups

Making a positive difference with a team.

Melissa Maria Martinez, Times Staff

Public speaking and group projects require communication skills, which are learned and developed with exposure to group projects and assignments.

Through these experiences, students are able to practice group etiquette and develop characteristics ideal when communicating with others.

In their Small Group Communication class, Coms 45 students have this opportunity.

“Group work isn’t anything you can learn in a book,” Matthew Najera said, “it is really involved.”

This service learning class is about accomplishing goals while learning how to work with others.

Group Development

In Cause for Paws, members learned that even when a group has good chemistry and high morale, life can always get in the way, but the mission is what matters and when the group lost their leader they did not lose their direction.

Having taken the right steps in drafting their group’s mission statement during the “forming stage” they were able to continue in their cause and raise more than their expected goal.

Group Participation

Caring and Catering group members learned that a group with so many members does not have to turn into a power grab nor should members feel complacent.

“The meetings and the GroupMe app really helped us stay in contact with each other throughout the whole process,” C&C group member Spencer Pee said.

Group Progress

Veggiemates members learned how to be productive as a group–even as members faced conflicts.

Success happens when all members respect each others time, understand each others limitations and acknowledge the group norms agreed upon.

“I really like communication but it is something that I could definitely work better at,” Veggiemates member Arcadia Alatorre said.

Group Outcome

Harvest Blessings were blessed to have an experienced group of skilled collaborators who were not afraid to challenge themselves.

“We definitely got some real world experience,” Harvest Blessings member, Matthew Najera said. “We had a lot of good meetings, both virtual and in person.”

The group chemistry and shared effort helped make their project a glowing success each member seemed pleased to have been a part of.

Small Group Communication helps student’s develop vital communication skills.

The class gives students the tools they need to work as a group while learning about themselves.

“I learned that it is not as easy as everyone would think it is,” communication major, Kyle Fitzgerald said, “but having multiple people working on one common goal makes it a lot easier.”