Earning while you are learning

Work-study, a valuable experience.

Melissa Maria Martinez, Times Staff

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When students attend college various support services are offered to help with education and living expenses.

Federal Work-Study is one avenue to consider after Financial Aid determines eligibility.

FWS provides part-time employment while enrolled in school and is available to both full time and part time students with a financial need.

To qualify students must apply for financial aid through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid and check the box that says Work Study.

Student will know if they qualify for the program after receiving their award letter from financial aid. The letter will indicate how much of the student’s financial needs are covered. If the letter indicates there is a remaining financial need that qualifies the recipient for FWS follow the letters instructions and check for an email with information regarding work-study orientation. This orientation is mandatory in order to participate in the program.

“The process is like any other job,” Financial Aid Specialist Xiomara Martinez said. “To qualify students must be enrolled in a minimum of six units and carry a minimum 2.0 GPA.”

Martinez said she and several of her work mates entered into full time employment with SJCC through the FWS program.

“I worked at the ESL lab for four years,” accounting major Shemirem Betelieh said. They pay the same amount, $10.30 an hour.”

Betekieh works at the Welcome Desk in the Student Center.

“The process depends on how fast you bring your papers in, but if you are missing some paperwork it will take longer,” Betekieh said.

If you have CalWorks the process may be easier but the same training and paperwork apply.

Jobs vary from library assistant, nursing, teacher assistant, bookstore clerk. There is also an opening in the journalism department working as a marketing coordinator for the newsroom.

Other than earning extra money, there are other benefits to being a work-study student.

Working closely with campus faculty gives students an opportunity to build a good rapport for a future job or college application reference, it adds professional work experience on a resume and students get to learn about real work expectations in a safe learning environment.