Students voice concern after election

Katelynn Ashley

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Regarding Benjamin Castro’s
opinion article “Somebody,
please, wake me up”:
While I agree that it is terrifying
to know that president-elect,
Donald Trump is “immature, unfiltered,
disrespectful and with
no government experience,” this
article could have been developed
further by addressing more
of the issues that students on
our campus may face with this
event’s occurrence.
One of these issues being that
Trump threatens to mass deport
DACA students and their families.
A concern that arises from this
is how many of these students
have already placed money in
American schools and with these
deportations they must return to
a country they barely know along
with a mass amount of debt from
trying to receive an education.
It will also cost the United
States up to $23,480 to deport
one person, according to Jana
Kasperkevic of Business Insider.
This decision encourages the
violation of the rights of DACA
students obtained, to work and
study in the United States lawfully.
Trump has already spoken on
how he wants to ban all Muslims
and if he is already planning on
deporting DACA students, this
can lead to him disregarding the
human rights of many more minorities
in the country.
An article on the views of
DACA students at our school
postelection would be an interesting
read; they have not had
the opportunity to voice their
opinions on the subject yet.
Rosalia Mena 
To SJCC newspaper:
I am writing this letter as a plea
to save the Deferred Action for
Childhood Arrivals immigration
act from being obliterated by
Donald Trump.
There are many reimbursements
that DACA has for immigrants
as well as for the federal
government and United States
citizens. Statistics have proven
that DACA has increased wages,
brought in more money in taxes,
provided a safer driving environment
and decreased public aid
Although DACA has been in
effect just three years it has had
an impact on wages in the U.S.
People receiving little over $11
(an hour) saw a 45 percent wage
increase, $17 an hour on average.
Since DACA, immigrants have a
chance to get a better education
and go into a career that suits
them, which benefits both immigrants
and U.S. citizens. According
to a survey of DACA Recipients
taken June 2015, 62 percent
of immigrants employed under
DACA have been able to make
more money and are paying taxes
creating more tax revenue and
improving the U.S. economy.
Also DACA immigrants can
obtain a license which makes our
streets safer and they are able to
get insurance.
DACA has done great things
for this country in the past three
years such as raising wages, providing
a safe driving environment,
raising tax revenue and lowering
state aid costs. It would be an
embarrassment for our country
to deny 665,000 people this program
when it provides great advantages
for our country as well
as DACA immigrants. Please
consider this.