Trump does not trump democracy


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Time for the debate to begin, again

Hillary Clinton said “love trumps hate,” but she did not
realize the power that galvanizing hate can have. We must
never underestimate it. The violence we have seen and will
continue to see is testament to that.
Donald Trump is now president-elect of the United
States. As offensive as this may be to a lot of Americans, a
peaceful transition of power must take place.
As this transition takes place let’s have the conversations
and debates we need to heal this nation. Do not hesitate to
be a part of it.
President Obama eloquently stated: We need to have,
set and succeed in our goals. Resist cynicism and doubt
as much as possible. Let us protect the most vulnerable in
society, women and children, immigrant, citizen or undocumented.
It is essential that we come together as a community
and not remain indifferent when an individual or group
is treated unjustly.
The world is watching and we need the world to know
that Trump was not the will of the American people—as
many claim—he was the will of a highly motivated group
who thrive off anger and hate; but anger is unsustainable.
Trump has sacrificed our peace to win his election but he
has also exposed our country’s core struggle which is defining
who we are and who we want to be.
Now is the time to continue this debate.