Villains and Superheroes

It was all about the Clubs Day

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Villains and Superheroes

Maggie Zou, Times Staff

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San Jose City College gave clubs an opportunity to recruit and present themselves by hosting a club day on Sept. 21.

The three hours event was placed on the grass in front of the Muti-discipelinary building.

This semester’s theme was Villains and Superheroes.

Many clubs sent out representative students, cosmology department had some juniors out there, other clubs had two to three people behind their tables.

Clubs started to set up in the morning. Some students had already sat behind the cosmology table for haircut and makeup. Usually it would cost money, however, in that day they did everything for free! They chose Spiderman to represent them. Students and staffs have red balloons and spiders drawn on their hands.

“I think this club day is cool, it gives me an opportunity to get off class and really do makeup on customers,” said Emily Holt, a freshman in the cosmology department.

KJCC had a few DJs and photographers to warm up the atmosphere. They played music during the whole event. DJ called the name of the club’s name when there were a group of people gathered around that table.

Japanese club’s table was a unique table. In spite of other club cosplayed Marvell characters, the Japanese club members put on Kimono, a traditional Japanese cloth. Instead of providing snacks such as chips or cookies, Japanese club also offered Japanese food called mochi.

”… you get to recruit people if you are in clubs, and when you are not in clubs you get information about things that you can involve in school.” Lesly Martinez from SACNAS said.

Students were not aware of the raffle. “Students do not know about the raffle. There should be a sigh or remainder, so more students will come.” Melissa Maria Martinez said.

Holt also said:” I hope our school can offer outside electric plug, so I can make the hair too.” Although cosmology students put service menu on the table, they could only offer hair cutting service.

ASG was hosting the event to give new and returning students an opportunity to mingle with the various clubs on campus and was focused on making Club Day a memorable experience.

ASG vice president, Sabryna Rodriguez said. “I hope students experience a little about each club and have fun meeting fellow students with the same interests.”