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A better California starts within each individual student

Rabih Chahine

Times Staff

clubsSan Jose City College clubs give students the experience they need to build a strong application for scholarships. SJCC campus has many clubs ranging from Cosmetology club, Latina leadership network, Media club, Student Association of Veterans even The United World Student Organization. Each club is facing different issues with different goals, all working toward improving their community.

 Joining a club allows students to gather the experience they would need to strengthen their resume for grants, scholarships and even awards. Also students can expand their networking with other students and clients.

“Joining the Associated Student Government and the 13 plus clubs that we have at San Jose City College is an opportunity for students to be actively involved in the campus community. They work with other students to discuss issues related to students during weekly meetings, represent students in campus committees and organize social events for students,” said Sia Saquee, 21, San Jose City College Associated Student Government President who is majoring in Administration of Justice.

            It takes two to tango in order for a club to strive. With school, work, family and life many students are overwhelmed with their mandatory obligations and believe they would not have the time to commit.

 “On the contrary, joining a club allows for an escape from my life. The goals and outcomes from clubs are different than that of school and work,” Ariel Romero, 23, who is majoring in health service administration, had some objections to the stereotypes towards clubs.

            With all our diverse options of club at San Jose City College allows any student to create a club on their campus. There are three ways a student can start with running a club. The first way would be to email either president of the Associated Student Government Sia Saquee or vice president Maria Hernandez. A final way to start a club would be to visit the front desk in the Student Center.  With a few friends and classmates signature a student can start with taking a step in improving both themselves and their campus.

more information on times and location of clubs please head to the Student Center on campus

Clubs on campus                         Mission Statement
Society for the Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science ( SACNAS) Assist student of science to succeed in school and life.
The Mental Health Client Association Support group for M.H. students focusing on fair treatment and compassionate advocacy.
Peer Led Team Learning Provides small group tutoring for a variety of science and math classes. As well as academic and financial support for students who are presenting at conferences that focus on teaching and learning, including the PLTL International Society conference that will be held in June 2016 at SJCC. Fridays from 9 – 10 am,  at the Metas center
United World Student Organization To promote diversity and support for international students on campus.
Student Association Of Veterans Provide a voice on campus for veteran students. Vet friendly co. & collaboration with other student’s orgs.
Cosmetology Student Organization Act as support and communication for Club and students in program.
Movimento Estudiantil Chicanos De Aztlan


Educational achievement for Chicanos & other students.

They have regular meetings on Friday from 12-2pm at the METAS center

SJCC Law Society Promoting the pathway to law school program influencing the policy decisions on campus.
SJCC Media Club  Maintain and promote the SJCC radio station.
Student Resource empowerment Network To Support students in the DSPS program and represent their interests.
Christ Centered campus Ministry To encourage Christian students in a life that is led by god while they pursue their academic goals.
Martial Arts Club Provide basic self-defense training for students on campus.

Tuesday 3:30 to 5:30 room 112 and Thursday 3:30 to 5:30 room 212L. both are located back of the Weight Room. The 2nd and 3rd building

Sociology club Study of social behavior or society, including its origins, development, organization, networks, and institutions.