I was thinking…

Michelle Ekwall

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Reliable and dependable are words I would not use to describe the public transportation system

Students try their absolute best to arrive at school on time, but it is sometimes next to impossible. Being late is never something anybody strives for because you wind up looking unreliable and unorganized. However, this is sometimes impossible to avoid when students take the bus.

Students have been known to wait over an hour for another bus simply because the bus showed up a 10 minutes earlier than the schedule had anticipated. This often leads to plans getting cancelled.

There is a website and phone number to call to access the times for the bus but most of the time they do not match up with each other. This is the most frustrating part of relying on the bus as a main form of transportation, but it is hardly the only problem that students have faced.

Another problem is finally getting on the bus, sitting down and not being able to open up your window and catch some fresh air. We all know the bus can be stinky from time to time, but unfortunately it is impossible to open the locked windows in the back of the bus sometimes.

These issues all seem very simple to fix so hopefully VTA employees would be able to resolve them quickly.

The bus system is irritating to many students who are forced to take it, but considering VTA to be my only form of transportation besides my two feet, I’ll just prop my feet up and relax because I was just thinking…