International Student Program experiences record enrollment

Javier Becerril

The International Student Program seeks to help ease the experience of studying abroad for many students at SJCC

     The 102 record-breaking students who are enrolled in the International Student Program this semester have shattered the previous record of 80.

     For the past 25 years the International Student Program has existed at San Jose City College, said Doniam Tran, program coordinator and counselor, averaging between 40 and 60 students a semester.

     According to the SJCC website, the ISP is here to help international students who are here on visa. They seek to make sure they have a rich experience here at SJCC and to help them with any problem they may come across while furthering their education.
Tran said, “Students bring their culture, life experience and global perspectives to SJCC.”

     While most of the students in ISP are from Asia, all international students are welcomed to join and bring their own culture and experiences from abroad to the program.

     The ISP offers many services, such as counseling and housing, to help their students in the program succeed while here in the United States. Ling Man Siu, a former SJCC student from Hong Kong, said, “The International Student Program helped me a lot with applying to universities and meeting more friends from many different countries.”