SJCC holds Black History Month art exhibit

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Ann Elizaga

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SJCC students was inspired by the artist’s  sculptures

San Jose City College celebrated a former SJCC student and visual artist Michael Chukes who showcased his artistic journey at the Carmen Castellano Fine Arts Gallery on Feb.12.

“My involvement in Black History Month is a celebration of who we are and what our greatness makes,” Chukes said.

The artist’s wife describes one of the artist’s artworks that was at Castellano Fine Arts Gallery.

“The Holy is about women’s birth and the ability to influence a child and how information can flow,” said Ronda Chukes, the artist’s wife.

The artist describes one of his artworks that was at the SJCC art gallery.

“Holy Hole represents infinite possibilities,” Chuke said.

The artist’s wife talked about what directs her husband’s artwork.

“He been influenced by women all his life,” Chuke’s wife said.

Urla Hill, the artist’s friend described what Chukes does before he titles his artwork.

“Before he names his stuff, he has discussions to himself about it,” Hill said.

At the SJCC art gallery, Miya Ornelas, the artist’s granddaughter enjoyed her grandfather’s artwork.

“It is nice and I never get tired of his art,” Ornelas said.

Some students enjoyed Chuke’s artwork at the SJCC art gallery.

“I love his use of colors; how it defies gravity,” SJCC art student Andrea Brown said. “There are some bases that is so narrow and how it holds your attention.”