How a depressed student became a successful teacher.

Esthela Ramirez

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Crystal Morales benefited from great advices from her mother’s friend Ross and Sylvia, one of her teacher at San Jose City College.
Morales said she received the best advice in her life when she was 11 years old. At that young age, she had a difficult life. Nobody helped her to understand. Her mother had passed away. She had to learn a new way to live she had to move on. After her mom passed away, she refused to go to school and she did not like skeletons because it reminded her mother.
Adults have an important influence in the lives of young people. One day, Morales ran away from her class. Not sure where to go she walked until she was at a park. She sat quietly and observed a happy family, wishing to have her mother back.
She sat under the shade of a big tree and saw many beautiful butterflies surrounding her and listened to happy birds singing. However, she felt devastated, disappointed that everything fell apart and nobody understood.
Her mother was Catholic and Crystal was taught the word of God. Every night she looked at the heavens and asked God, “Why did you take away my mother?” She was disillusioned and angry with her God.
It was then that she met a stranger who had been one of her mother’s best friends. Ross Garcia became Crystal’s best friend and gave her the best advice.
Garcia had the ability to talk in a simple way that
helped Crystal understand why God took her mother away. Garcia said Crystal’s mother “was beautiful and smart, and loving but she was weak.” Garcia explained that her mother worried about everything and it made her sad. Therefore, God saved her from all the worries and a miserable future. Now, she lives in heaven happily and she is always looking after Crystal, her siblings and her father.
Ross told her, “Crystal remembers your mother will be happy if you go back to school as if your mother was still here, and be a good girl. You should pray to her every night that way your mother will be proud. Lastly, you should not fear skeletons, as a reminder of your mother. Crystal you should remember your mother in a happy way. Your mother is happy always smiling and looking after you anywhere you go.”
Afterwards, Crystal became a successful student from middle school to high school. She graduated from high school to college. Ross advice helped young Crystal to overcome her depression and set her on the path to a better future.

Crystal benefited from more great advice from Sylvia, her teacher in the Early Childhood Development program at San Jose City College. Crystal was unsure of her future, didn’t know what direction she wanted to take. Sylvia encouraged her to go into early childhood development. “We need
teachers to educate new generations and our communities,” Sylvia told her.
Crystal earned an Associate Science degree in Early Childhood Development and Education. Crystal is a successful teacher and a good mother. She got married has two daughters and she works with children at the school.
Crystal was a devastated girl, but now she is one of the lucky women who found the right people in her life to provide her with guidance.