Esthela Ramirez

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Jerry Brown approved a new law that allows dogs into diners and bars. Brown signed Assembly Bill 1965 but the law officially will be in effect in January 2015. This new law raises several concerns, including some people are afraid for those who have dog allergies and the contamination of the food.Some people like to eat in quiet places and some dogs can be noisy.Some dogs are hyper when they smell food and are not easy to control when they see other dogs that they do not like.Many dogs’ owners do not take care of their dogs. Therefore, dogs can be unclean and have fleas.Student Young Tran is among those who do not think dogs should be allowed into restaurants.“Dogs have fleas, smell bad, and are noisy,” Tran said. “And I do not like to eat at noisy restaurants.”He added, “It will look like a dog park.”Tran said owners should pay fees.He did say, however, that he would allow blind people to bring in service dogs. Gaetan a student as San Jose City College said, he opposes the new law. “I respect dogs but dogs are animals,” Gaetan said. “We should keep them separate. We distinguish people and animals are not the same. I will not go to restaurants that allow dogs.”
Some people like the new law.“I am happy this new law will be passing,” Ann said, “because my boyfriends and I can bring my dog into the diner’s patios.”