Does your daily schedule leave you feeling overwhelmed or anxious?

Petra Aragon

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A workshop in time management may be just what you need.

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The fall semester has begun and there are many who are full time, work full time and may be a parent full time as well.  These days being motivated and driven does not necessarily get you through the college life.  Did you know there are workshops that the Writing Center holds for SJCC students that could be beneficial to learn?

In Pschology 60, Dr. Jim Potterton Ph.D. briefly discusses time management sharing his view of how important it is to learn time management skills, especially in college.

Q)  What reasons do you have or why do you include, brief instruction of time management into your course instruction?

A) In my over 35 years of college teaching this persists as the number one issue facing our students.

Q)  How do learning time management skills affect a student’s college experience, if any?

A) It is fundamental.  Once these skills are learned and practiced until they become habits, I see a dramatic change in student performance

Q)  Can time management skills be utilized in other areas of a student’s life, if so, which areas?

A) I do a lot of work with organizations as a consultant and this issue comes up in terms of the workers who are top performers in their fields; they know how to manage their time, they can set priorities in line with their goals and get stuff done.  They are also less stressed out as workers

Q)  When did you first learn about time management?

A) Probably 20 years ago.

Q)  Would you recommend students go to the workshops held at SJCC, Writing Center?  Why?

A) Absolutely!  This is a huge chance to learn a few little tips that will pay off over and over in their lives.

Q)  What are the Pros and Cons to learning time management skills?

A) Cons are that it will cause you to evaluate habits that are comfortable but ineffective; Pros see above

Q)  What advice would you give to new students enrolling @ SJCC?

A) Take Dr. Santos’s class on study skills she is the best!  And you will learn some awesome tips from this great instructor.


HERE IS THE LIST OF days and times of next scheduled workshops:
Wednesday, Oct. 8, 1 p.m
Wednesday, Oct. 8, 4 p.m
Wednesday, Oct. 9, 1 p.m
Wednesday, Oct. 9, 4 p.m

L-113, first floor of the Cesar E. Chavez Library and Learning Resource Center

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