Aid checks on their way

Steve Hill

Financial Aid disbursements were sent to more than 1,400 students Oct. 25.  The next disbursement will occur the week of Nov. 7.

“We haven’t disbursed what we would have like to since we have limited staff and an increased number of applications,” said Takeo Kube, financial aid director.

The District Office will deposit student funds into their HigherOne or personal checking accounts.

For those students who did not elect to have the funds directly deposited, HigherOne will attempt to contact them.  In the event that no contact is made, paper checks will be mailed 21 days from the disbursement date.

The financial aid office has been sending disbursements every few weeks since the beginning of the semester. However, some students have not received their disbursement yet.

“It’s taking a couple of weeks longer then I expected,” said Victor Mong, 22, Early Childhood Education Major.  “The schools need more people to work financial aid.”

Because of California’s economic situation, more people are turning to financial aid to further their educations, and the financial aid office is receiving more financial aid applications compared to previous years.

“We received a total of 10,628 applications for the 2010/11 school year.  In the first six months of the 2011/12 school year, we have received 8,114 so far,” Kubo said.

Despite delays and limited staff, some students have received their disbursements on time.

“I changed my financial aid status, but I still got it on time,” said Lina Trac, 17, undeclared major.

Financial aid applications are accepted from June 30, 2011, through June 30, 2012.