New TV show on campus

Justin San Diego

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Jaguar Media Systems highlights local news

Jaguar Media Systems is a 30-minute news show that has begun airing on campus in the Student Center and Technology Cafe.

Produced by San Jose City College students and CreaTV, a local broadcast company, the show covers students’ successes and promotes events and programs on campus. Four episodes have aired to date.

“The show is about raising school spirit, covering events sooner and making students feel excited, involved and aware,” said Chris Woods, creator, executive producer and Associated Student Government senator.

Jaguar Media Systems will feature TV anchors delivering campus news. The show aims to be humorous and playful.

Students and faculty can talk to Woods if they are interested in getting an issue or event covered by Jaguar Media Systems.

Recent stories that have been covered by the show include the Reading-Writing Center helping students succeed, the male summit offering scholarships and the Cyber-Café transition.

Production takes place every other Wednesday from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. and is aired throughout the following two weeks.

Woods received approval from administration last semester in September.

“The show received $5,500 from ASG to create the show, rent the studio and train students,” said Roland Bough, second manager and ASG student.

Woods and Bough said they are looking to get more students involved.

“Every episode is an upgrade from the last,” Bough said.

For the show to continue its progress, Bough said he wants to recruit students with drive and ambition that could add sophistication and personality to the show.

“Scheduling a time to film the show is the most challenging part of producing the show,” Bough said.

Students can get a stipend at the end of the semester and hundreds of dollars’ worth of training from CreaTV.

Bough said that CreaTV is now one of the best community access channels after winning their lawsuit from Comcast.

“It has newer equipment and an advanced studio because they are receiving millions from winning the case,” Bough said.

The newest episode was produced April 16 and is airing in the Student Center, Technology Center Cafe, on CreaTV (channels 15, 27, 28 and 30 on Comcast) and on the Associated Students Government’s Facebook page.