Jaguars defend to win

Zach Tatar

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The men’s basketball team came to the game Wednesday, Feb. 12 ready to play, beating the Cabrillo College Seahawks with a score of 64-56.

Offensive leaders Bobby Gray, sophomore guard, and Andre Russell, sophomore forward, led the way for the San Jose City College with a combined 36 points.

Going into the game both teams were known for their defense, ranking highly in fewest points allowed per game.

“I made sure I stopped their top scorer, number 11 (Warren Jackson),” said Stevinair Young, freshman guard.

Young finished with 9 points and battled it out on the defensive side, holding Jackson to 12 points from the court. Both teams were focused on stopping the opposing team from the start.

The first half was full of fouls and turnovers from both sides. At the end of the first quarter the score was 20-15 in favor of the Jags.

The team came out in the second half looking to maintain the strong defense they had established in the first half.

After the game, head coach Percy Carr said the “hardest team played, and we played our hardest defense against them.”

The Seahawks would answer back with 41 points in the second half, but that did not stop the Jags from racking up 44 points to put them over the visiting team.

Carr said it was “one of the best defensive games of the year.”

The Jags are ranked twelfth, according to the state’s top 20 poll, and with only two games left in the season, this win was vital to their post-season hopes.

“Thanks for coming out with the support,” Gray said. “We are just getting started.”