Fan performs with Paramore

Justin San Diego

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Band mates rocked out to a set list of  pop-rock songs about growing up

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Alternative rock band Paramore, led by front woman Hayley Williams, rioted with fans inside San Jose’s newly-renamed SAP Center on Friday, Oct. 18.

Williams chose a fan named Mark from the audience to sing the last half of the band’s breakout hit “Misery Business.”

The fan wore skinny jeans and a shirt Williams described by saying “you’re shirt has Misery Business all over it. I used to wear that same shirt.”

Williams handed a microphone to Mark. He ironically sang the lyrics “Now watch my wildest dreams come true / not one of them involving you.” It was as if Mark had been preparing for this moment all his life.

Many attendees of the show, including Grace Domecus, 19, San Francisco, said bringing Mark on stage was the best part of the show. “He totally owned it” she said.

“Paramore is my favorite band. I’ve seen them nine times, the first being in 2006.”

Domecus said she enjoys the new sound of the band and described it as being more “prog.”

Another new change seems to be the band’s songs reflect a higher level of maturity.

The opening song of the concert was “Grow Up,” in which Williams sang, “Some of us have to grow up sometimes / so if I have to, I’m gonna leave you behind.”

Williams gave a brief speech about how letting go of negativity in your life can be difficult, but necessary to move forward and free yourself from emotional pain.

Another highlight of the show was the performance of the possible next single from the new self-titled album, “Ain’t it fun.” Williams welcomed a choir to come on stage.

The choir swayed left to right in red silky robes while singing the lyrics, “No more crying to your mama / cause you’re on your own in the real world.”

The band performed songs from all four of their studio albums as well as their biggest hits, including “Now,” “Ignorance,” “Decode,” “That’s What You Get” and “Pressure.”

Williams and bandmates Taylor York and Jeremy Davis showed their vivacious performing skills.

All three members of the band put forth effort to interact with the audience by making eye contact with the crowd, moving from one side of the stage to the other and giving brief talks in between songs.

Wearing black leather tights, a white cropped shirt and her signature bright orange hair, Williams proved to be a rock superstar.

The legendary Fleetwood Mac hit “Landslide” was covered and mashed-up with their own song “In the Mourning.”

Alex Luba’s favorite part was the finale performance of “Still into You.”

“I like the balloons that fell on the audience and were kicked around by the band,” Luba, 19, said.

The opening bands, Metric and Hellogoodbye, did a decent job of getting the crowd energized.

The audience got their money’s worth as Paramore did a great job rocking out to their songs.

Paramore’s North American leg of the tour will last until Dec. 18 before they start the Oceania leg.

“I have no complaints with the show,” Shanel Tobarez, 21, said, “I wasn’t a huge fan of the band before, but I’m definitely a bigger fan now.”