Update: Student falls on campus

William Boenisch

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A student fell and had a seizure  in the Business Department building on Oct. 3.

San Jose City College President Byron Breland said the student lost his balance and fell down a stairwell in the building. It is unknown if the seizure was caused by a pre-existing condition.

The injured students name has not been released as of yet.

“There was no fault from the facilities or the conditions of the school,” Breland said.

He said medically-trained SJCC student, Jennifer Santa, was present when the incident occurred.

Santa applied pressure to the wound and helped the student remain calm until medical personnel arrived.

Breland said he is happy to have students like Santa on campus.

He also had the chance to meet with her and thank her in person. Breland gave Santa a letter of appreciation and a new SJCC sweatshirt because hers was ruined during the incident.

A quote from the letter states, “SJCC is very proud to have a student who exhibits selfless regard such as you. We are inspired by your actions. As an educational institution, we can only hope that every member of the campus community embodies the responsibility, civic pride, compassion, and maturity in decision-making that you exhibited that day.”

Breland said that these are the people we need to have on our campus, and he hopes to meet more students like Santa, students who help their fellow classmates.

“A lot of the students have a certain type of apathy like, should I get involved? Is there going to be some kind of consequence? Is there going to be any paperwork … or questions from medical personnel or police?” Breland said.

But part of the responsibility of being more than just a student is getting involved.

“The big picture is we are all here,” Breland said. “We need to treat everyone like family.”