Academic Senate highlights

Larry Harris

Senators discuss potential of new student influx

“San Jose City College is in receipt of a Letter of Intent, from City College of San Francisco to begin discussions for SJCC to handle any student overflow in our service area should CCSF be shut down by the accreditation committee,” said the interim president, Byron Breland.

CCSF’s enrollment exceeds 93,000 students and may be shut down by year-end.

Breland responded to CCSF’s request with a SJCC Letter of Intent expressing “SJCC’s commitment to assist CCSF and it’s students, should the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges decide to terminate CCSF’s accreditation.”

The LOI continued to state, “CCSF transfer students with 75 percent of their program award completed upon admission at our (SJCC) institution will be allowed to complete their coursework at our institution but will receive the degree or educational program from CCSF as stipulated by ACCJC policy.”
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Academic Senator Phil Crawford presented a motion and the Academic Senate approved a measure to select a four member ad hoc committee to revisit the facilities master plan.

The committee would investigate the decision to build a new media arts complex or refurbish the existing theater, and whether to demolish or refurbish the Vocational Education Buildings.

The committee will review if the bond language specifically defined what future buildings were to be built or if the language was sufficiently vague to allow the district to specify building projects based upon the district’s perceived long range educational needs.
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Crawford also gave an update on the AS’s shared governance complaint filed with the state chancellor’s office against the San Jose-Evergreen Community College District and the SJECCD chancellor’s office.
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In other action items, the AS approved a Memorandum of Understanding which would bring a vocational ironworkers program to SJCC.

Under this new program 400 students now enrolled in adult education from San Leandro High School would move to SJCC.

Ironworkers Local 377 provides a student with regular work at an average of more than $20 per hour; after a three-year training program, a journeyman level ironworker could expect a salary package of $70 per hour plus benefits and a benefit retirement program.