Lockdown update: No gunman found on campus

Steve Hill

The lockdown of San Jose City College was lifted after a campus-wide police search failed to turn up a suspected gunman.

District Police Chief Ray Aguirre said the search did not turn up a suspect, and he did not know if the call was a prank or a hoax.

“A text message … has been sent out declaring the campus clear to resume for normal instruction tomorrow morning,” Vice President of Administration Greg Nelson said. “This is the week of finals for our students so they will make up those tests that were missed tonight.”

The campus had been on lockdown following reports of a gunman on campus.

Staff and students were advised via text message and emergency alert system to remain inside their classrooms.

The search focused on the Technology Center and lasted nearly three hours.

San Jose Police Department and S.W.A.T. teams conducted a room-to-room search of the building, frisking students and searching bags.

The teams entered the newsroom with guns drawn and ordered the Times staff and the City College Times adviser to stand still and raise their hands.

The police searched some students and let some leave the classroom without a “pat down.” The Times’ Adviser, Farideh Dada, who wears a Muslim head scarf, or Hijab, was searched multiple times.

Students and faculty were led into the third-floor hallway and later escorted out of the building after a head count.

Emergency medical technician students and faculty from the fifth floor were escorted out at about 7:45 p.m.

“We were the last ones to be evacuated,” EMT student Valerie Villanueva said. “They searched us all and walked us down the stairs, all five flights. It was pretty scary considering all the things we hear on the news today.”