Taking back our newsstands

Tucky Howard

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Students being trash to SJCC newstands.

Trash, garbage, unwanted materials and crumbled papers are not for the San Jose City College newsstands. Littering usually happens on the ground but for some reason the SJCC population thinks that the newsstands are garbage cans. Stop being lazy and throw your trash away in the garbage, and not in the SJCC newsstands.

San Jose City College Times staff, write, produce, take the time to research and find stories for all who read the newspaper so they can learn what activities are going on and around our campus. The staff is proud to produce news for everybody without expecting any thanks, but respect for the Times staff and the schools property should be taken into account.

It is understandable that people are in a hurry and sometimes do not think about how our newsstands look; but to think somebody else will clean it up. Just because newsstands are old and worn down, does not mean we should not get respect for our newsstands. The older SJCC newsstands are for our newspapers, newsletters and materials, not for advertisements or self promotions.

We have new and better newsstands for all, so please respect the Times, newstand properties.