Letter from the Managing Editor

Jon Marinaro

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Welcome to the Spring Semester. This issue includes some interesting articles from last semester as well as a big question for you. What would you like to read in your paper? The City College Times is a newspaper that doesn’t just report on-campus happenings, but it is also a newspaper written for students, solely by students.

This means that every word you read isn’t from the administration, staff or faculty but from a fellow Jaguar who comes to class looking to turn in work and get a grade. Our grades are given not just on the content and quality of our work, but on the response from you.

The old saying goes that, “When writing a paper, write it for the professor, not for yourself,” but that doesn’t really apply to us. I have to start off by writing what I love, my news, my thoughts, my opinions; but after the paper is printed, I listen to you for my final grade.

If you disagree with what has been said in this paper, please let me know because we welcome criticism and other people’s thoughts. Every time I start making a new paper the class starts off by critiquing the last one just to make the next one better. If you want a hand in this, send me an email to [email protected] I would love to hear from you. Trust me, I read every single one!

If you want to interact with the students and would love to report on what happens to your fellow Jaguars, please think about joining our class and newspaper as staff. The paper can always use other opinions and the staff loves working with students. It is the perfect place to improve your writing, photographs and even video. This is the most hands-on course I have taken and is definitely my favorite.

Don’t worry if you think you’re a horrible writer or photographer. I myself started off this semester, my first ever in journalism, with some of the sloppiest articles I had ever read, and my first ever written. I think I almost flunked English in high school! But with the help of others in the class, I am now on the Editorial Board. Without their support, I wouldn’t be writing this letter to you.

If you are interested, please flip to our in-house ad on page eight and sign up for one of the classes. If you don’t know what exactly you would like to do, I will work with you in class.

But again, the Times is here for you. Without the support of the students, it would be nothing.

We have a whole new semester ahead of us, and with the ups and downs of last semester behind, I could not have hoped for a greater way to earn these credits.

Thanks to every reader,

Jonathan Marinaro, managing editor