Brotherhood equals victory

Patrick Loera

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There have been many reasons for war—land, religion, freedom and football. Regardless, it always relies on a population united for one purpose.

The problem with Jaguars football is unity. They are not playing as a team. They are playing as individuals. Quarterbacks are overthrowing or underthrowing the ball. Receivers are dropping passes, running-backs are getting pushed around and the defense is leaving the middle of the field open like 7-Eleven: 24 hours.

You can only hold play-calling responsible temporarily before realizing it is execution, which requires unity, team commitment and an increase in brotherhood.

So, when did individuality become more important than brotherhood?

The fact is, there hasn’t been a true togetherness since the Jaguars 2010/2011 season, when the guys virtually lived together in the Grove Apartments behind SJCC.

Last year, the individuality virus seemed to take over after many of the team leaders who held the team together, transferred to state universities.

This year, the virus spread when head coach Carlton Conner was put on administrative leave with no explanation to the team or to the public, leaving players he had recruited personally feeling deserted.

This has left the diversity of the team separated into small groups, returning players, new local players and new out of state players.

Interim head coach Jerry Wyness and his team of coaches can pull the team back together with enough energy to finish strong in conference.

Let’s face it: A successful team does not consist of a star among mediocre players.

Individual achievement is great, but team triumph is greater.

These are your brothers of the game, your game where each player has a different job, talent and ability that is vital to the team. From the waterboy to the quarterback, not one player is more important than the next.

A prosperous team is a unit, a single fighting force designed to defend not only the honor of our school and student body, but for student athletes who were ever Jaguars themselves, battling in the same colors as you.

You battle every minute of every game to break the predecessors’ records, shatter their times and accumulate more wins. But more importantly, you war for the pride and privilege to be called a San Jose City College Jaguar.

Go Jaguars!