Rough start for SJCC women’s volleyball team

Gloria Martinez

The Jaguars faced defeat at the Sept. 11 away game against Ohlone Renegades.

San Jose City College’s women’s volleyball team played away at Ohlone College for its first game of the season.

The Jaguars lost all three matches to the white and green squad .

The players struggled during rallies on the first match. The end score was a total of 25-13 Renegades. The Jaguars took that as a wake-up call.

They kept the fans on the edge of the bleachers during the second match. San Jose tailed Ohlone’s by a point after every serve.

For every rally won, the Jaguars celebrated with a loud “boom” that got the crowd cheering in the front row.

More than half of the spectators rooted for the purple and gold.

Toward the end of the second match, the Jaguars seemed a bit distracted and unfocused, which caused them to lose 25 to 21. A close game set for the Renegades.

Entering the court, the ladies seemed pumped and ready for a rematch, with their hair tightly pulled back and pads on securely.

Their paws were up and ready for defense.

Third set was one for the books.

Most rallies lasted up to a minute long. Cathy Nguyen, No. 53 and setter for the Jaguars, kept diving for the ball.

She made recoveries by performing reversed somersaults and jumping right back in to the game.

The Renegades answered with their powerful outside hitter, Jennifer Covey, who provided powerful spikes.

Jessyka Qusiuino, No. 52, did her job wonderfully as the libero and outside hitter by answering most of Covey’s spikes with low interceptions.

But, that wasn’t enough for a winning game set.

Not even Coach Tait Rafat’s sideline instructions provided a win.

The Renegades’ bump, set and spike offensive attack was too much for the Jaguars.

It is too soon to tell what the outcome of the season will be. “There is always next time,” said Manny Espinoza, who came to cheer for the Jaguars.