This may be the last issue of the City College Times

Steve Hill

The San Jose City College Times may cease production if 20 students are not enrolled by Tuesday, September 4.

The class was removed from the schedule of classes August 21 and reinstated August 27. All previously registered students were dropped.

Administrators have cited low enrollment numbers as the reason for the cancellation.

Language Arts Dean Keiko Kimura said she was “unavailable for comment.”

The Times was established in 1956 to provide a key forum for campus news, information and opinion for approximately 10,000 students, faculty, staff and administrators each semester.

The decision to cancel the class comes on the heals of an Academic Senate resolution to bar cancellation of the classes that produce the newspaper for low enrollment numbers.

The document said “…that the senate seeks and supports a dispensation from canceling the journalism classes in order to continue those classes and the publication of the SJCC Times.”

Academic Senate President Charles Heimler said cutting programs is done based on program reviews, which the Academic Senate oversees.

“The Senate position is that no journalism classes should be cut no matter what the enrollment, as the dean and interested faculty and students develop ways to pay for the program,” Heimler wrote in an email.

ESL instructor Ron Levesque said he had expected that the strong sentiment of the faculty would not be dismissed.

He also said that he had not seen a “concerted effort by the administration and by Dean Kimura, who oversees journalism, to find a solution.”

President Barbara Kavalier and Interim Vice President of Academic Affairs Tameil Gilkerson were unavailable to meet prior to the production deadline.

ESL Instructor and former dean of language arts Virginia Scales said the Times is a tremendous addition to our campus.

“Evergreen lost its wonderful paper, The Flyer, and recent attempts to revive it have gone nowhere,” Scales said. “I fear the same thing would happen to the Times.”