ASG demands resignation of their President


Vy Nguyen

Leif Benson, a candidate for the president of ASG term 2022-2023

Associated Student Government body members sent an email to the ASG President, Leif Benson, demanding his immediate resignation ahead of their Wednesday meeting.

“We believe that your lack of competence in fulfilling your duties as the president of our student body has led to a detrimental impact on our organization, and we would like to request your immediate resignation,” the email stated.

The email highlighted an alleged inability by Benson to manage the student body’s agenda, which led to a halt in funding of campus activities, in addition to apparently being unable to motivate ASG leadership.

The City College Times obtained the original email and have since corroborated its validity. All of the elected board members of ASG signed the email that was sent on Tuesday afternoon to Benson, along with SJCC staff advisors Blake Balajada and Hilario Garcia.

Benson did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

“We understand that being a student leader is a challenging role, and we appreciate your efforts thus far. However, we believe that your current performance falls short of the expectations that our student body has for its leaders,” the email expressed.

During the ASG meeting on Wednesday afternoon, student board members, including Benson, declined to speak about the resignation demands in the public eye, instead opting to convene an internal conversation limited to Balajada and the elected student leaders.

This is a developing story with forthcoming updates.