Coffee, donuts and deans

Departments met with Jaguars to promote registration

Jaguars line up for donuts and coffee on the Cosmetology Quad, on Nov. 16.

The deans of San Jose City College celebrated the spring semester’s registration period beginning with “Coffee and Donuts with the Deans” on Nov. 16 in the Cosmetology Quad, where students enjoyed a snack break with their peers and deans from different departments.

“The event is an opportunity to socialize,” explained Yessica Ceda, a cosmetology major.

The deans and departments present were Business and Workforce Development, Counseling, Humanities, Social Sciences, Arts, Kinesiology and Athletics, Language Arts, Math, Science and Engineering.

“We started this as part of ROAR week because we wanted to do something for the students,” Associate Dean for Career and Tech Education Pamila Yang said.“Many times, the deans are cooped up in their offices dealing with paperwork, so this is just a way to give back to our students, staff and faculty.”

The deans also organized the event to encourage students to apply for the upcoming spring semester.

“The sooner students register, the sooner they will have a plan for how they will be moving through their educational programs, and ultimately to their career or transfer goals,” Dean of the Business and Workforce Development Division Dr. J. Edward Stevenson said.

Maria Silvas, another cosmetology student, noted that “the [cosmetology] program requires us to work 21-hours per week, from 8 a.m to 5 p.m. It’s a full time job.”

Both Ceda and Silvas said they felt tired but motivated nevertheless to finish their 11-month program, and that the donuts and coffee boosted their energy.

“I am tired, so it is nice to have a snack break,” Silvas said.