Cafeteria has reopened

New tables were added outdoors on campus

Ryan Mun, 23, and Ethan Mun, 21, sit in the SJCC cafeteria to eat their lunch on Oct. 6. The cafeteria reopened on Sept. 19 for all students and faculty. Students have an opportunity to sit inside the shared cafeteria space or outside at any of the new or existing outdoor tables.

Hot meals are available again on campus, in the Student Center, for the first time since 2020.

The cafeteria staff said that they are taking proper safety measures to ensure food handling, health code and COVID-19 guidelines are being met.

“Everything is cooked as is, we always have to wear our masks, we always have to make sure everything is tied up and [to wear] gloves.” said Thai Tran, a 43-year-old cafeteria worker.

For the past two years, KJ’s Cafe, MeFit Vendings and the bookstore were the only places students could buy food on campus. Additionally, the cafeteria offers hot and fresh meals with meal assistance programs that work with a vendor, Fresh and Natural, to help students who cannot afford meals.

The school does offer free groceries in the Jaguar Market.

Vice President of Administrative Services Christopher Hawken, a strong advocate for the cafeteria’s reopening, said the school does not have any COVID-19 mandates anymore but still offers resources to students worried about the disease.

The school offers masks, sanitizer and encourages social distancing to all students and faculty.

“We’ve put a lot more outside tables on campus,” Hawken said. “We hope by doing that it gives them not only the option but maybe an incentive to go outside to eat.”

The cafeteria has been open since Sept. 19.

Students, such as Political Science major Francis Seludo, 20, have already begun to express their own opinions and recognition towards the cafeteria reopening.

“I appreciate the support of the college and VP Hawken for the work they’ve done throughout the semesters to keep services like the cafeteria from continuing to serve our students,” Seludo said.




The hours of operation for the cafeteria are Monday to Thursday from 8:00 AM to 1:30 PM.
For more information on meal assistance, go to San Jose City College / Care.