Women’s basketball win on sophomore night

Dutches Richards

Playing their last game at San Jose City College against Cabrillo on Feb. 8, the women’s basketball team came out with a hustle. The Lady Jags started with strong defense and offensive players, and they were working for the win.

“The girls were really in it to win it,” said a fan in the crowd. The motivation and school spirit coming from the faculty, friends and family members has pushed the girls to go long and hard. The Lady Jags ended the night with a victory with a score of 57-47 against Cabrillo.
The SJCC women’s basketball team, with a record of 7-2, has just one game left against De Anza on Feb. 17 in Cupertino at 5 p.m.

They made it into the playoffs this year and, depending on the game against De Anza game, they will find out if the next game will be a home game. They are striving to play hard for this up-coming game for it will help them to go farther in playoffs and hopefully to conquer in the championships.

The lady jags were on it during the game with Cabrillo because of their fast breaks and rebounds in the key (the free throw line). Cabrillo’s team did have some players with amazing height, but that did not stop SJCC women’s team.

With a minute left on the scoreboard, the Lady Jags were up by 10 and played their defensive plays hard until the buzzer went off. As the 10 second count down started, the gym filled with the sounds of the crowd screaming and cheering for the team’s victory.

Twenty-year-old Mercedes Pardo, Guard and Forward, said that she has been at SJCC for three years. “The game was intense but at the same time emotional. Playing for coach Terri Oberg was another big part of last night’s game and the season,” Pardo said.

Pardo has played basketball since she was fourteen-years-old and has gone through multiple seasons with injuries, but she has learned to deal with it and go on with the season. She plans on going to a four-year-college to continue playing, but she is still undecided on which college.

Pardo says that she’s going to continue to do what she does best, play basketball.