Lady Jags beat two community colleges

Linh Nguyen

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“Form is temporary, class is permanent.”

That quote of Sir Alex Ferguson was so accurate about the San Jose City College softball team, which beat Redwood and College on Saturday, Feb. 25 at San Jose City College field with convincing scores, 9-1 and 10-0.

In the first game with Redwood, the Lady Jags had a good start with two runs by batters Amanda Rossetta and Ahjali Davis. From the second inning, the Lady Jags had runners on three bases. This opened big chances for them to continuously run the plate and score.

Only after the fourth inning did Redwood change its tactics. They started to resist with a successful hit by batter No. 23. Redwood occupied first and second base. The inning ended with Redwood’s first and only score of the game.

Not discouraged, the Lady Jags still played their best. The first home run made by Rossetta started the inning and amazed the crowd. The Lady Jags untiringly made three more runs to plate. The score was 8-1.

In the fifth inning, the Lady Jags gave one last run and ended the game.

“We played strong defense, though,” Rossetta said, “that kept energy up.” 

The second game was with Diablo Valley College, which played Redwood earlier that day and lost 5-4. Contrary to their game with Redwood, DVC defended strongly during the first two innings with the Lady Jags. The DVC defense did not let Jaguar runners any farther than the first base. The result after the second inning was 0-0.

Lady Jags’ way of playing changed. They attacked and consistently had people at ev- ery base. While there were only three times to change batters, the Lady Jags completed their batters roll.

Brianna Hunsucker was both the starting batter and the finishing batter of the attack. The score after the third inning was 4-0.

The Lady Jags kept their track of winning in the middle of the fourth inning. Taylor Henson gave another home run for the Lady Jags. By the end of this inning, the difference in score was 10-0, and this was the final score of the game.

“Pretty good game, very ex- plosive, mind-buckling, good offense,” said Jacob Beery, a 20-year-old fan.

“The girls work very hard to have this kind of games,” said Debbie Huntze-Rooney, the Lady Jags’ head coach. About the change after the second inning, “I think the girls were a little bit behind, so we managed a little adjustment around couple of seconds and go back outside.”

“We all get along really well,” said Dani Pianto, pitcher of the Lady Jags. “We pick each other up when we need to.”

Huntze-Rooney said she will not predict a championship for the Lady Jags, but “as long as they are working hard, they can do that.