SJCC announces free semester

California residents do not have to pay spring 2022

Basketball player Jaycson Bereal, 22, liberal arts major, says he agrees with SJCC’s decision to give out free tuition in spring 2022. Bereal heads home after practice in the parking garage on Nov. 30.

California residents who sign up for six credits or more at the school will receive free tuition in spring 2022, according to a San Jose City College article, released on Nov. 17.

The decision was made towards helping COVID-19 relief and is said to help all residents, including those who do not normally qualify for financial aid.

“The initiative is made possible by the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (HEERF), designated for higher education institutions to address the immediate and urgent impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on students and colleges,” according to the college website.

To qualify for the aid, the school reports that students must apply for admission (by Feb. 13, if they are new to the school), submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid, California Dream Act Application or California College Promise Grant for the 2021-2022 Award Year and register for classes.

“If SJCC can alleviate the financial stress that many students are experiencing, student mental health and well-being will improve and students can focus on their studies and academic goals,” President Rowena Tomaneng wrote in an email.

She also said SJCC hopes this will encourage students who left the program due to financial hardship from COVID-19 to come back and sign up.

“Honestly, (I agree) because of the fact that education really isn’t the most affordable thing in the world, and especially in today’s climate you really need a degree to get jobs, or to at least earn an honest living,” said basketball player Jaycson Bereal, 22, liberal arts major. “It’s just giving an opportunity for people in this community to have a free education and I don’t see how anyone can be against that.”