The Texas Heartbeat Act is wrong

The government has no place telling women what to do with their body


Courtesy of Unsplash

The Texas Heartbeat Act should be canceled.

The Texas government commenced the Texas Heartbeat Act, banning women who are pregnant past six weeks to get an abortion. The law further states that anyone who aids a woman get an abortion, who is six weeks pregnant or further, can be sued.

The act has no exemptions for victims of rape or incest. In fact, the exemptions in this act are slim to none.

This Texan act contradicts the Supreme Court case of Roe v Wade, which states that it is a Constitutional right for a woman to get an abortion in the United States.

The law completely disregards women and their choice to do what they want with their body. It completely disrespects women who are raped, who are forced into incest, who do not have the financial capabilities, and who do not have the mental health to survive pregnancy and motherhood.

There is also the scenario when a woman simply does not want to have a child. Women are not required to be mothers and some are not fit to be. Even after taking all the proper precautions, it is not unusual for a woman to still get pregnant.

Having a child is not simply getting pregnant one day and having a child the next, it is nine months of complete body, mind and soul transformation; not all positive. It is unfair to ask a woman to go through all of this for a child she might not even want. The effects on her body will continue to affect her long after she has the child.

The misogyny that lies in front of the government is deafening. There is still no male birth control encouraged, there is no “future” wife that has to consent to a young male getting a hysterectomy, and there is no act that could potentially change a man’s body, mind and soul forever.

The counter argument that women should put their child up for adoption or foster care is almost laughable. The foster care and adoption system has been broken longer than this act has been considered. Maybe if women knew the child they birthed would be going somewhere safe and healthy, they would be more likely to carry to full term. One would think a state that “cares” so much about children would not be ranked 43 in education.

There is also the other counter argument that women who get an arbotion are murderers. The argument is that since the baby has a heartbeat and therefore is a human life, it means the women who abort them are murderers. If that is the case then when doctors pull the plug on brain-dead patients, are they murderers? Making this argument so black and white is not possible. If we are considering a six week old fetus as a person, does that mean: child support should start at six weeks? Mothers who are carrying at six weeks cannot be deported because they are carrying a U.S. citizen? The argument is not that simple.

The standpoint of religious beliefs in this argument does not even need to be considered. There is a separation of the church and state for a reason and religious beliefs have no place in politics.

The idea that women will stop getting abortions is like the idea that people would stop drinking during the Prohoibition. Women will always find a way, when instead they could go to a professional and have everything done properly and safely. Cutting these resources to women does more harm than good.

In a complete constitutional standpoint, the Texas government has no right to create a law opposing a federal law. That is the point of a federal law versus a state law. The purpose of the Supreme Court is to interpret the Consitution and they already said that abortions are constitutionally allowed, so now Texas is creating an act that goes against the Constitution.

Most women do not even know they are pregnant at six weeks. Imagine having no choice at all if you found out too late? Or imagine finding out at five weeks and only having one week to decide something that could change your entire life?

Woman’s body. Woman’s choice.