Associated Student Government announces upcoming Harvest Fest

The committee discussed budget costs, workshops and more

ASG President Francis Seludo proposes the budget for the upcoming ASG Pumpkin Patch Harvest Festival on Oct 27.

The Associated Student Government in its Wednesday, Oct. 6 meeting set a tentative budget of $1,800 for a Harvest Festival that’s set to take place Oct. 27, from 11a.m. to 2 p.m.

The festival will have games, snacks, and goodies for community members that attend. Games include Cornhole, Spin the Wheel and Connect Four. Snacks and goodies include candy apples, pizza, candy, and more. There will also be a pumpkin patch photo spot for attendees to take nice pictures with their friends and family.

The meeting also involved discussing an ASG Progress Tracker, the buying of standing signs and a Workshop for Pronouns, in honor of LGBTQ+ History month.

ASG Vice President of Finance Carlos Corona presented a new template he created called the ASG Progress Tracker. He says the tracker will help keep ASG on task and give the public an opportunity to see the progress that has been made. The Tracker will be uploaded to the ASG website in the upcoming weeks.

Corona said he decided to make this tracker because “we can’t wait for others to get the ball rolling.”

The tracker was such a big discussion, the members added six minutes to the discussion time.

Director of Student Engagement Daniel Gonzalez Covarrubias presented members with the proposal to buy standing signs for ASG. Covarrubias said it could “show announcements, links, QR codes, social media, event pictures, resources” and “allow SJCC clubs and other organizations (committees) to advertise their events and activities.”

The cost of these signs was set to not exceed $700, but the discussion on which signs to get is still in the works.

The final proposal of the night was when a committee member put forward the idea of having a Workshop for Pronouns, in honor of LGBTQ+ history month. The workshop would educate viewers on how to ask someone his/her/their pronouns, what to do if you make a mistake, and why it is important to respect others’ pronouns.

Details for the workshop were not disclosed except that there would be a speaker who would come in to teach the course.

ASG Chief Justice Francis Seludo had to break a dispute between ASG Advisor Juan Garcia and an off-camera gentleman named “Rudy.” The argument was over a buzzing noise coming from Rudy that was distracting others in the meeting. Garcia asked Rudy about it and things escalated from there.

Seludo used his gavel in attempts to stop the dispute and finally after many tries he was successful.

For more information on how to RSVP for the Oct. 13 meeting, visit the ASG website.