3 ways to stay sane and healthy during quarantine


Steve Hill, Times Staff

Zen balance rocks line the cliffs near Westcliff Drive in Santa Cruz, California.

If a sedentary lifestyle is your new normal during the lockdown, back rolls, spare tires, love handles and pot bellies could be in your future.

Sheltering-at-home does not need to lead to an unhealthy body and mind.

Here is some simple advice to stay fit, eat better and exercise your mind:

Eat a healthy diet

Professor of Nutrition, Epidemiology and Global Health Dr. Wafaie Fawzi suggests people take food high in protein. This will build up the body’s ability to fight off viral infections.
The other one is soup, but not an American soup such as onion soup. This is a kind of very thin soup, more like water.
The best soup is chicken soup. Any chicken is OK. Nutritionists recommend the spring chicken as a good one. Add ginger, rice wine, American ginseng and boil for two hours at 165°F then keep the soup at a steady simmer.

Feed your mind

This is a good time to study more. Students can review their classwork and also study a new skill such as Photoshop — or even learn dancing, yoga, etc.
There are so many teaching videos on Youtube, just search and learn.
Essential workers can still learn a new skill, too, like painting or doing handwork.
For people who are not satisfied with their present position at work, this is the perfect time to plan for a new position next year.

Stay active

“Life is movement” French writer Voltaire said.
People may be able to stay at home for a long time, but they should still exercise. Make exercise during quarantine a regular part of your routine.
Research from the American Society of Clinical Oncology shows that exercise protects against cancer.
Go for walks around the house or neighborhood, if that is possible.
Do yoga, which is a good choice as well\; it can stretch the tendons.
Don’t have ideas for an exercise routine? Here is a great exercise video Shelter-in-pace workout keeps you in shape during the quarantine. Get moving!

There is a Chinese saying: “Luck and Misfortune come in turn.” Change the bad situation into good things.